Adventures in web archiving

Inside my 72-hour dash to preserve a complete digital snapshot of

My year of Eleventy plugins

Exactly one year ago today, I published my first Eleventy plugin. Here are some of the things I’ve learned since then.

The books I read in 2020

You’d think the waking nightmares of 2020 would prompt more escapist reading, but instead I zagged toward nonfiction.

Embed Everything

I recently released a plugin for quickly embedding media in Eleventy sites. I think it has potential!

How we rebuilt Shopify’s developer docs

For almost a year I’ve been working on a major project at Shopify and it’s finally out in the world: On February 12, we relaunched the platform’s developer documentation at

Content strategy on the command line

Recently at work I had the opportunity to work on Shopify App CLI, a command-line tool to accelerate the development process for developers building on Shopify’s platform.

Create a dark mode with CSS Variables

CSS custom properties make it trivial to add multiple colour schemes to your project. Here’s a simple way to toggle dark mode with three lines of Javascript.

Getting Cron jobs to actually run

For years my Cron jobs wouldn’t run because I was misconfiguring my Crontab commands. Maybe you’re having the same problem.

Theatre in 2030

Theatre keeps fracturing and forking, so there is no coherent vision for theatre in 2030. Instead a thousand new genres are flourishing.