The books I read in 2020

You’d think the waking nightmares of 2020 would prompt more escapist reading, but instead I zagged toward nonfiction.

Embed Everything

I recently released a plugin for quickly embedding media in Eleventy sites. I think it has potential!

How we rebuilt Shopify’s developer docs

For almost a year I’ve been working on a major project at Shopify and it’s finally out in the world: On February 12, we relaunched the platform’s developer documentation at

Content strategy on the command line

Recently at work I had the opportunity to work on Shopify App CLI, a command-line tool to accelerate the development process for developers building on Shopify’s platform.

Create a dark mode with CSS Variables

CSS custom properties make it trivial to add multiple colour schemes to your project. Here’s a simple way to toggle dark mode with three lines of Javascript.

Getting Cron jobs to actually run

For years my Cron jobs wouldn’t run because I was misconfiguring my Crontab commands. Maybe you’re having the same problem.

Theatre in 2030

Theatre keeps fracturing and forking, so there is no coherent vision for theatre in 2030. Instead a thousand new genres are flourishing.

Podcast: Web analytics for magazines

Recently I spoke on the Magazines Canada podcast about web analytics. We talked about how magazines can measure success online, distinguishing signal from noise, and making sure you’re using metrics to answer the right questions.